Oltář 2013, mixed painting, wood, cca

Crystal of shit, 2012, handmade paint on canvas

Flow; 2012, 80x60 a 80x70 cm, acryl, ink on canvas

Work in progress 2013, mixed paint, canvas 150x100cm

Puf; 110x120cm, spray on canvas

Shaufenster, 2012, acryl, spray, wood,

Wabi;2013, 180x200cm, acryl on canvas

Situation in parael space, 2012, acryl, gesso, canvas, cca 50x70cm

Untouchable, 2012, Acryl on canvas,

Tiefe Schaufenster, 2011, ink, acryl, canvas, 100x150cm

Fisheye (inspired by Lord of the Rings), 2012 acyrilic and handmade paint on canvas, cca 150x200cm

=o=, 2012, paper, resin, spray, wood, acryl, 150x100cm

Seksi zvuki, 2011, akryl-sololit

Untitled space, 2011 120x150cm